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My now page

When catching up with old connections or making new ones, the question is always "What are you up to?". The concept of a now page is to share what I'm focussed on at this point of my life.

Sharing ongoing projects, thoughts and ideas helps me reflect on my priorities and commit to them. But I mostly hope to connect with likeminded people and inspiring projects.

So if you want to exchange ideas or share with me what you're up to, don't hesitate to hit me up!

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Working on

I'm writing my thesis on how to improve online traditional knowledge sharing experiences, in the context of Tribal Wisdom. This is an online platform that connects traditional knowledge holders worldwide. Through online interviews, surveys and card sorting activities I am researching people's mental models of traditional knowledge, in order to facilitate system design decisions. 

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Thinking About

Currently technologies are being designed for a globalised, homogeneous world, promoting a single way of living. This is dangerous, because as Ramesh Srinivasan puts it in his book Beyond the Valley:

Biodiversity (of flora and fauna) is always tied to human cultural diversity.
How can technology support cultural diversity? Not just by being more inclusive, but by truly integrating diversity in every design decision. 

Isolated in

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Finally made it home after many Corona challenges!

Looking for

My professional passion is researching how to improve people's experiences in digital environments. In order to further develop my User Experience (UX) research skills, I am looking for opportunities to expand my portfolio.

Looking to improve your website/app/other digital product? Hit me up! 

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Inspired by

In Kichwa culture, the concept of Minga is when you pull together the community to get a job done. Through my involvement with Tribal Wisdom, I was invited to facilitate a Virtual Minga to help a rising photographer (Misha) with the communication plan of his newest project: Secret Sarayaku. It was inspiring to see how a group of strangers put their creative and talented brains together to come up with a plan of action in just two hours. And the next time one of us needs a helping hand, we round up for another Virtual Minga!